The Commodore Corporation and its different divisions have a history dating from 1952. Currently privately-owned and actively-managed by the same family for nearly 25 years, The Commodore Corporation's longevity and success are based on a few simple beliefs:

  • Build a great home at a fair price, creating affordable quality for our homeowners
  • Work with the best builders and retailers, and help them be successful
  • Provide our employees with the best tools, training, and support for a satisfying career

Our tireless focus on those beliefs will create satisfied customers. In addition, we believe in the advantages below help us achieve those beliefs:

Great Builders and Retailers

We believe we have the very best builders and retailers representing us. The two most important decisions for any new homeowner are finding a builder or retailer they trust, and building with a company that will perform. We work continuously to listen, educate, and support the retailers and builders that sell our homes.

Financial Stability

The Commodore Corporation has a long-term perspective, and allows us to manage the business to be 'in business' for years to come. Many home manufacturers over the recent past have disappeared, shut down, or gone bankrupt. This can cause issues for retailers, builders, and even homeowners who have nowhere to turn for warranty, service, or support. The Commodore Corporation will be around.


The Commodore Corporation is one of the largest modular and manufactured home builders in North America, with multiple divisions and sales in over 35 states. Our size allows us to purchase in volume, and we pass along those savings. Our geographic reach allows us to learn and share across our divisions, providing you with the latest in design and options.

Still, we are small enough that we know our builders and retailers personally, and small enough that we work quickly and efficiently.


The Commodore Corporation has a very stable, experienced workforce, allowing us to build homes with reliable, consistent quality. Contrast that to many site-builders or other manufacturers who may have constant turnover, or may use poorly-trained labor.

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